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Are you new to conducting market research in Australia? Looking for assistance to ascertain the perfect researchers and recruiters for your unique project? With over 20 years of industry experience and networks in every state, JB Market Research Services are able to ensure the best people for your project.

It all starts with a conversation, where we can ascertain the needs of your project and plan the project. We then provide you with a number of research options that we believe will best suit your needs and begin the collaboration with the best people and venues in the Australian market research industry. Finally, we will manage the delivery of your project to meet your nuanced requirements.


Whether you are an international client or a local business, we want to ensure that your project is a success from start to finish. JB Market Research Services' attention to detail continues to set us apart from the rest, enabling you to reap the benefits in the Australian market.

All you need is an idea of which areas of opportunity or discussion points you would like investigated to better your business moving forward. Once you provide us with an idea of budget, we will formulate a customised strategy to best meet your needs.

To do so, we will arrange meetings (in person, by phone or virtually) to discuss your research goals, and the methodology to be utilised (qualitative or quantitative).

Once this is ascertained, the researcher will set the project parameters (including identifying the demographic required, number of respondents and locations for qualitative research) and begin to set timelines for the project.

From there, a discussion guide will be formulated and run past you to ensure the right questions are being asked to your prospective clients. A recruitment screener for respondents is prepared for the recruitment process, and, if necessary, transcription services are arranged.


By now, you will have already started collaborating with a market researcher, who is also likely to be the moderator for focus groups or interviews. It is now time to contact venues and recruiters to meet your timeline objectives.

Steps required include;

  1. Book focus group room venues or an offsite location for qualitative research;
  2. Determine whether web-streaming services are required, so that company representatives, advertising executives and other stakeholders can attend the group virtually;
  3. Book respondent recruitment (Note, it is not uncommon to over-recruit by about 10% to allow for participants who are not available on the day.)
  4. Focus groups and interviews are conducted, with the moderator running the research;
  5. Focus groups and interviews are conducted, with the moderator running the research; and
  6. Recordings are undertaken by the facility.
  7. Data is analysed by the researcher.


Now that the research is complete, your researcher can provide deliverables in a number of ways;

  1. Debrief of the findings;
  2. Report - top line and/or full report provided;
  3. Presentation of the findings.

Wrap Up

At JB Market Research Services, we understand that you might need less, all or more than the services listed above. Our personalised service ensures that whatever your needs are, we will tailor our services to exceed your expectations. Our Clients here and abroad can attest to that.

Contact us now to start your Australian market research project today.

We work within Australia's The Research Society's Code of Professional Behaviour guidelines.

We are an accredited member of The Research Society.

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