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At JB Market Research Services, we are prepared to go above and beyond to meet your most unique needs. Below are some ways our facilities have been used in recent years.

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Film/Photo Shoot Location

Our South Melbourne facility is the perfect central location for film or photo shoots for advertisements, films and promotions. Due to its homey feel, it can easily be transformed, for example, from an office environment to a lounge room. With one-way mirrors in two of our rooms, production crew can easily observe and discuss various aspects of the filming without distracting the subjects or impinging on audio recordings. Our courtyard (see below) also makes for an alternative video shoot location

Our courtyard and rooms have been used by radio station FOX FM, for promotional events and content (https://youtu.be/SaXssMwM1Aw), and Worksafe Victoria filmed their highly successful advert in our offices. (https://youtu.be/Ag2bLGZTlpg)


The South Melbourne rear courtyard has been used as a casual breakout area. It has also been utilised for BBQ product testing during market research groups, utilising typical Aussie BBQ offerings (food, cold drinks, sauces, outdoor furnishings). The courtyard can also act as a client getaway area from work.

A courtyard of this type for market research is like a needle in a haystack, so CONTACT US with your unique needs for such a space.

Supermarket Shelving

JB Market Research Services can supply supermarket shelving for displays, or if you have a need for more upmarket shop fittings, we can organise hire of the equipment to display your items.

Training/Role Plays

One-way mirrors have been used in training environments around the world for many years. They have also been used for training psychologists, counsellors and social workers, with the benefit of conducting "real" therapy sessions while the trainer observes behind the mirror and provides input during short breaks, via telephone or internet messaging.

Our rooms have been used for training sales teams by conducting role play sessions. Half or full day sessions can be videoed, and, the files provided for later reflection.

Researcher Matchmaking

Whether you are planning a qualitative or quantitative project, JB Market Research Services can match you with the best researchers. With over two decades in the market research industry in Australia we have a well established network of skilled researchers, focus group rooms and recruiters around the country ready to tailor our services to meet your project's needs. Have a look at our Project Management capabilities under our Services section for further information.

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