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A market research focus group is a type of qualitative research, focused on analysing people's preferences and thoughts. Quantitative methods, such as sales figures and customer surveys, assume a fixed and measurable reality, and analyse data through numerical comparisons. On the other hand, qualitative methods seek an understanding of human behaviour and, when executed correctly, give actionable insight into conscious and unconscious motivations behind a consumer's reasoning. Click HERE to read more about the benefits of face to face research.

Focus groups can provide businesses with invaluable information regardless of what phase or stage the business is at. From generating new ideas to marketing them, focus groups provide the knowledge considered crucial for success. For more information on the four essential components (moderators, recruiters, respondents and research venues) required for all focus groups, along with an estimated price-range for each element to help you better understand the steps taken to run and elective and valuable project please see the full article "Focus Groups- behind the scenes".

JB Market Research's role

Our major role is supplying superlative venues for focus group sessions. We have two locations in Melbourne; South Melbourne and Coburg.

Our venues offer a professional environment. A neutral space is critical for blinded studies; reducing bias and minimising distractions for the respondents.

Focus group sessions are streamed live for clients to view online form their location, whether locally or overseas.

Alternatively clients may observe from behind a one-way mirror, allowing them to actively listen and experience reactions to the subject matter firsthand.

JB Market Research Services can organise the following:

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