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JB Market Research Services began operating as an authentic "in-home" focus group room facility in 1997 at its current Coburg location. Maureen McCunnie, the founder and business owner, allowed the business to grow organically, in parallel with her young family.

JB Market Research Services' reputation as a boutique and unique facility quickly spread by word of mouth. The hospitality, warmth and ambience of the facility pleased clients, researchers and respondents alike. The federation-period house and architecture proved to be a conversation starter, with respondents chatting while waiting for their group to start.

In 2007, JB Market Research Services expanded to include a new purpose-built facility in South Melbourne, virtually in the heart of Melbourne. It draws respondents from all parts of the Melbourne metropolitan area.

Within the first year of operation in its new location, it surpassed all expectations. Its reputation for its quality offerings, services and d├ęcor spread like wildfire.

The South Melbourne venue was so successful that in 2012, JB Market Research Services moved into a new larger premises, allowing for one client per floor and a feeling of exclusive use. 236 Clarendon Street was promptly nicknamed "Gold Class" by numerous independent clients, due to the experience and service within the facility.

Although the perspectives are different, the comments are always equally flattering: Maureen's attention to detail and genuine desire to provide the best facility in Australia is the reason why it is the facility of choice for clients seeking a boutique venue with personalised first class service.

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