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Our South Melbourne and Coburg focus group facilities are, comfortable, with state of the art equipment and boast experienced facility management, top rated amenities and in excess of 15 years industry experience.

South Melbourne

<strong>Clarendon Room</strong> <strong>Clarendon Client Viewing Room</strong><br>Seating arranged for 6. It can accommodate up to 10 clients with pre arrangement. <strong>Clarendon Waiting / Break out / Interview Room</strong><br>Tea/Coffee making facilities available / Sign in / Prescreen room <strong>Coventry Room</strong> <strong>Coventry Client Viewing Room</strong><br>Seating for 5.  It can seat up to 8 clients with prearrangement. <strong>Coventry Waiting / Breakout Room</strong><br>Tea/Coffee making facilities available / Sign in / Prescreen room <strong>Courtyard</strong>

JB Market Research Services' South Melbourne premises have large and luxurious client viewing rooms and are a technologically advanced focus group facility that include:

We are renown for first class catering with silver service for clients.

Available on request outside normal hours, i.e. Breakfast meetings / weekend groups / urgent jobs.

Note taking / Transcription service can be arranged.


<strong>Coburg venue</strong>

Our Coburg premises are large, stylishly designed focus group room with AV playback capabilities with a large and luxurious client viewing room.

Technologically advanced focus group facilities, include:

JB Market Research is proud member of Australian Market & Social Research Society.

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